2018 Dodge Demon

The Demon has Been Unleashed

When Dodge introduced the SRT Challenger Hellcat, many drivers were blown away by the vehicle's impressive performance. For 2018, Dodge SRT has decided to completely pull the lid off what's capable in a street-legal car. In the Dodge SRT Demon, engineers have squeezed every drop out of what's possible on four wheels to arrive at a mindblowing drag racer that will blow the doors off anything foolish enough to face off against it. Clocking in at 840 horsepower, the engine that powers the Dodge Demon is the most powerful ever produced. 

Record-Setting Performance

The 2018 Dodge SRT Demon is a vehicle of superlatives. The Dodge Demon's 840-horspower engine propels this beast to a world-record 0-60 mph time, the world's fastest production car quarter mile, it's the first production car to be able to do a wheelie off the line and its acceleration creates the highest G-force ever by any production car. 

The Hellcat on Steroids

If you drive a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, you're well familiar with the incredible level of performance you get out of the car. Now imagine that performance dialed up to 11. That's what you get with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Compared to the Hellcat, the Demon has a 2.7-liter supercharger vs. the 2.4-liter Hellcat Supercharger, a higher RPM limit, 14.5 psi of boost pressure compared to the Hellcat's 11.6 psi, two dual-stage fuel pumps vs. the Hellcat's one, a larger induction air box and the Air-Grabber hood scoop. The Demon engine has 25 major component upgrades from the Hellcat for more than 100 additional horsepower. 


Born for the Quarter Mile

The 2018 Dodge SRT Demon is most comfortable rolling up to the quarter-mile line with warm tires on the ground and high-octane fuel in its veins. With the world's fastest 0-60 mph time in a production car of 2.3 seconds, the Dodge Demon will shock even the most seasoned gearhead. The Demon is 100% street legal and drag-capable straight from the dealership, but every Demon (for just $1) comes with the Demon Crate that's loaded with gear that maximizes your drag-strip performance. The Demon Crate includes, among other things: Front Runner Drag Wheels, Performance Air Filter and a High-octane Engine Calibration kit.

Stripped-down, Driver-centric Interior

By default, the 2018 Dodge SRT Demon comes without a backseat or passenger seat. This stripped-down interior minimizes weight and maximizes performance. For those wishing to thrill and terrify passengers, the seats can be re-added to the vehicle for just a dollar. In the dash, you'll find the Uconnect 8.4 infotainment system that features Dodge Performance Pages so you can track those all-important times.